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TRIFECTA TAVERN is located in SE Portland on SE 6th Avenue between SE Morrison and SE Alder:
726 SE 6TH Avenue   Portland OR   97214

PHONE: 503-841-6675
TAVERN: Mon: 5pm to 9pm, Tue -Thurs: 5pm to 10pm, Fri/Sat: 4pm to 11pm (kitchen until 10:30pm), Sunday: 4pm to 9pm
BAKERY: Bread available on Friday & Saturday
HAPPY HOUR: Mon-Thurs 5 – 6pm, Fri 4 – 6pm. Sat 4 – 5pm. Sunday 4 – 6pm
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cocktails in cool hunting

Trifecta’s wood-fired cocktails

Cool Hunting

“With a balance of technology old and new, Portland, Oregon’s Trifecta Tavern offers up its own take on barrel-aging and the resulting unique cocktails—like a Manhattan with charred bone marrow—make it a must-visit.”

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top ten burgers in U.S./Trifecta #5

The 10 burgers in the U.S. that you must eat this year


5. Trifecta – Portland, Oregon
I should say here that I like everything at Trifecta. But of all the things this Portland newcomer has going for it, a double pimento burger is—to me—the best. Pimento cheese has a Southern connotation, but it’s sweet and artificial and phosphorescent, and so looks good on crusty brown patties oozing juice and fluid. The fries are good, too.

[Josh Ozersky has written on his carnivorous exploits for Time, Esquire and now Food & Wine; he has authored several books, including The Hamburger: A History; and he is the founder of the Meatopia food festival.]

fresh baked bread daily

Trifecta Tavern & Bakery Breads
Our bread is baked every afternoon
Available for sale everyday after 4pm
726 SE 6th Avenue

Ken’s notes:

[The breads we bake at Trifecta are unique to our restaurant. They are not the same breads baked at Ken’s Artisan Bakery]

Field Blend #3
The bread is an adaptation of the Field Blend #2 recipe in my book Flour Water Salt Yeast, and it is a rye bread with a nice open crumb. Not easy to do! With 23% whole rye flour and 17% whole wheat flour (+ 60% white wheat flour), Field Blend #3 is 40% whole grain, yet it is not dense, and the flavor favors the rye, but remains balanced, not sour. It’s beautiful toasted with honey and butter, and it is absolutely my go-to bread to serve with oysters on the half-shell, slathered with our house-made butter.

Country Bread #2.
As each bread I make evolves into a new recipe – really, a change in the flour blend – it gets an incremental number. Country Bread #2 includes 10% whole spelt flour, 4% wheat germ flour, 2% whole rye flour, and two kinds of white wheat flour. The color of the crumb is a very light café au lait color, a little bit lighter color of crumb than my Country Brown at Ken’s Artisan Bakery. I think this bread comes the closest of any I’ve ever made to the great Pain de Campagne breads I’ve enjoyed over the years from Parisian bakers like Jean Luc Poujauran and Christophe Vasseur. It has this beautiful lingering flavor of the fermentation without being sour, kind of nutty, and the sort of ineffible character that just makes you want to keep eating it. We make this Country Bread #2 into 3 kilo boules, and quarter the boule for individual loaves for sale. One of the most in-demand breads in Paris, “Le Pain des Amis” is like this, big hunks cut from giant loaves.These quarters keep for nearly a week in a plastic bag.


the best burger I ate in 2013

[Adam Lindsley: Serious Eats/The Oregonian]

Ken Forkish is no stranger to success. His bakery is one of most beloved and most popular in the city. Same goes for his pizzeria. Branching out wasn’t necessary, but rather than rest on his laurels, he opened Trifecta Tavern + Bakery, a dimly lit tavern and bakery in Portland’s budding Southeast Industrial District that serves, among such enticements as a “big-ass steak”,  free freshly baked bread, and a pimento double cheeseburger that knocked my socks off.

Trifecta-double-cheeseburger-best burger i ate in 2013

Read the rest of the review that ends with:  “…this was the best burger I ate in 2013, and a tough one to beat for 2014.” {more}Loading

trifecta wood pile

Trifecta features both a wood-fired oven and grill, both hungry for a lot of wood.  [Photo by Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian]
Trifecta Tavern Wood Wall

inside trifecta

Inside Trifecta, Ken Forkish’s new S.E. Portland restaurant

[Michael Russell/The Oregonian]

At Trifecta, baker Ken Forkish’s new Southeast Portland restaurant, butter is smoothed to the corners of a small square dish, sprinkled with salt and served with sliced bread. Scooped up with a knife and unfurled over Forkish’s bouncy levain, the hand-churned cream takes on the heady character of soft French cheese, salty, rich, mild, yet with a slight, unmistakable hint of barnyard funk.

There’s more to Trifecta than good butter, of course. There’s a globe-trotting, drinks-friendly menu from longtime Higgins chef de cuisine Rich Meyer. There’s a top-shelf cocktail program from bartenders Andy Boggs and Eric Nelson. And there are delicious desserts from rising star pastry chef Eve Kuttemann…  {more}Loading